Friday, February 15, 2013

How do I use this French washing machine?!?

While on vacation, my clothing supply had finally dwindled down to a few items. I knew this would happen when I packed, because I had to share my luggage space with my daughter. I also knew that the place we were staying had a washing machine. The only set back? Everything is in French.

However, this is the day and age of Google, so I figured it should be no problem. I proceeded to Google "Viva Electroniqué 1200 instructions in English" and received very few helpful results. In my frustration, I finally Googled "How do I use this French washing machine?" which FINALLY yielded some useful information.

So, with iPhone in hand, I embarked on operating this strange contraption. It was the most nerve wrecking 2 hours of my vacation (yes, it takes their machines that long) as I checked the kitchen every 15 minutes expecting to see the whole place flooded. After a spin cycle that sounded like a jet taking off, I was finally able to remove my clothes. Success!!

Thankfully the dryer was much more low tech.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Paper Crafts

I don't usually go crazy over Valentine's Day gifts.  However, this year I am on vacation with my husband and his family, so I decided to make a little gift for everyone.  Thankfully, I thought of this before we left, so it gave me time to make sure it fit the following criteria:
  • The items would have to be small since it needed to fit in my luggage, which was already overflowing with my daughter's stuff as well as mine.
  • The item had to be able to withstand the cold of flying, and the heat of the tropics - chocolate was OUT.
  • It had to be simple and appropriate for both males and females ranging from mid-20s to mid-50s
While I searched for fun Valentine crafts that weren't too cheesy or over-involved, I ran across this tutorial for crocheted hearts:

I quickly whipped up five little hearts in some pink crochet thread:

They were cute, but obviously I was looking for a little something more.  I started looking around on Pinterest and found a pin filled with cute boxes folded out of craft paper.  After a quick internet search, I came across a box that was simple enough for a beginner to make, but still somewhat fancy.  Sadly I lost the link, otherwise I would post it.  I could then fill the boxes with those conversation hearts which are a lot harder to melt than chocolate!  (The best part?  Walmart had a five pack for just a dollar!)

First I printed and cut out the template from the internet.  I picked a few fun sheets of craft paper and traced the outline on the back:

After cutting them out, I tried my hand at "scoring" the backs so that they folded neater.  However, this pattern was simple enough I probably could have just used a straight edge to fold them.

And here is the final result!

The best part is, I was able to flatten the boxes down and tuck them in a book to be assembled once we arrive!