Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Bow Ties - For the dauper little gentleman in your life

A friend had a baby shower coming up and I noticed she had pinned a picture of a onesie with changeable bow ties.  After a quick search I was able to find a tutorial here.

Basically you sew and glue a rectangular piece of fabric to resemble a bow tie.  Then you sew two snap backs to a onesie, and the other part of the snaps to the backs of the bow ties.

This was a nice simple project that actually involved a minimal amount of sewing.  If you can sew a straight line, you are set!  While I used a machine, it could easily be done by hand as well.

It also let me break out the hot glue gun! (And, as an added bonus, I didn't burn my fingers!)

Another great thing about this project is it's a great way to use up small amounts of fabric!  While the tutorial does give measurements, there is a certain amount of freedom to make the bow ties bigger or smaller.  Also, since I created several bow ties, I was left with several snap backs with no mates.  As the tutorial above suggested, I attached the remaining snaps to the gift with a note that they could be sewn on to bigger size onesies as the baby grew.

And here is the completed project along with the wrapping! (The teal bow tie is definitely my favorite)

If I were to do this project again, I think I would take the time to figure out a way to completely sew the bow ties so that they would be a little more sturdy and washable.  However, I was impressed with how well they came out with the hot glue.  This project would be great it you also included a little sweater or blazer to go along with the onesie.

One of the biggest pros is that it can be whipped up quickly and, if you are into sewing, you probably have most of the materials on hand already.  (With everyone and their brother having babies lately I even have a stash of white onesies on hand!)  Also, the learning curve is quick.  I only had to scrap the first one because it didn't look quite right.  After that, it was easy.

Thanks for looking!

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